We are experiencing, as a nation,the joy of celebrating a new Ramadan Festival in peace and happiness.
We hope and wish that, Ramadan which is the sultan of eleven months, has been a greatly rich month with its values and responsibilities which fix our servitude to Allah; its principles which make for setting ourselves in order; its measures of morality and honor which refashion us; brotherhood, friendship and neighborly relationships that enliven us again and charity campaign which we begin nationally towards the hunger disaster in Somalia.
Actually Ramadan must have taught us to take care of our friends whom we have forgotten and ignored, our neighbors and relatives whom we are not on speaking terms, support  in a new moral and discipline the poor whom we have not taken care of and share their  sorrow as much as their happiness.
For this reason, the month of Ramadan has been a very didactic and improving month in terms of perceiving consciousness of worship, being a real slave to Allah and being ummah for the Messenger of Allah. The Festival we are celebrating is in fact the happiness of good deeds and awards which we gained from a month lived in patience, remembrance of Allah (dhikr) and praying.
Festivals are divine gifts, which unite us in merry of the same religion and same belief, integrate hearts, consolidate brotherhood and fix resentments. Festivals display national brotherhood of faith. Festivals are special occasions, which take us to the future and bring continuity to us Muslims at the scene of history by bringing together faith, worship, history and culture under an atmosphere of pleasure.
Well, then let us take the Festival joy from hearts to hearts, home to home, land to land by feeling its pleasure and excitement deep inside us.
Let us introduce to our children who are like live Festivals in our homes, the excitement of Festivals.
Let us fix hurt and tired hearts.
Let us brighten our Festivals with smiles of orphans, homeless and needy.
Let us make those who cannot enjoy Festivals, enjoy them.
Let us put an end to resentments that are the heaviest burden of hearts.
Let us pray for all our Muslim brothers who are in distress and especially our brothers in Somalia.
All over the world  Muslims push the limits  to solve their problems that have been delayed  for centuries with perception of being a slave to Allah and being ummah for Allah’s Messenger and try to find themselves by passing countless exams. The call for peace and well-being of Ramadan Festival reaching out to humanity in the face of civil wars, sectarian conflicts and tensions caused by political arrogance, is our biggest desire.
With these feelings, I celebrate the holy Ramadan Festival of our citizens, our brothers abroad and the entire Islamic world. I pray to Allah that this Festival brings goodness to humanity.
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Görmez
President of Religious Affairs