In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most  compassionate,
Thursday night, May 16 2013, heralds the beginning of the three holy months and as the Islamic world we will experience peace and happiness of the night of Ragha’ib, the harbinger of the month of Ramadan that reunites us with the holy Quran every year.
Muslims spend their days and months with the aim of pleasing Allah and receiving his approval and conscious of servitude, devotion and obedience. However, these months known as the three holy months, are times when spiritual joy is intense. Some nights during these months are rare time periods when this joys turns to excitement and spiritual pleasure. This season crowned with Ramadan, enables Islam’s message of peace and welfare to be kept alive in Muslims’ mind and purified hearts accomplish social transformation with the unifying power of religion and materialize true brotherhood and solidarity based on justice, law and ethics.
Ragha’ib means to want, desire and have a liking for something and exert efforts passionately in line with these wishes. The night of Ragha’ib is to strive to direct all our desires and wishes, aims, passions and aims toward goodness, righteousness, kindness, what is useful, justice and truth; to direct
Ragha’ib toward Our Lord; and to perform all our actions in conformity with God’s approval.
The biggest danger for man on earth is to be enslaved by his desires, wishes and passions.
Acquisition of property, avarice, lust for power and salaciousness in particular are the biggest shackles in man’s journey to personal maturity. Because Allah’s blessings  to test man and  make him perform good deeds, sometimes drive man to ungratefulness instead of  being grateful for God and asking forgiveness for his passions and weaknesses. Being ungrateful for blessings is related to knowledge, power and wealth given to man as a blessing being used unwisely, unfairly and without sharing it with the poor and needy .Man forgets that the world is a temporary place and becomes passionately attached to wrong knowledge, unjust use of power and greediness, makes life miserable for others and rebels against God by losing his conscience. Being grateful for God lies in blessings given to him being put at the disposal of mankind and sharing them with people.
If possessions and rank result in a person’s keeping his distance from other people, then Allah keeps those people at a distance. Knowledge enriched with wisdom, power crowned with justice and wealth cleaned with sharing, are the most beautiful expression of people’s gratefulness for God.
Then let’s purify ourselves tonight from all kinds of feelings of hatred and revenge that darken our hearts so that we find peace in our hearts. Let’s enlighten our hearts with faith, science, wisdom and truth to relieve ourselves. Let’s save our hearts from selfishness and jealousy that take us away from God’s mercy and grace so that our soul reaches maturity. Let’s know ourselves so that we know God. Let’s attain salvation through good faith and actions. Let’s renew our promises and strengthen our agreement so that we keep our promise to God. Let’s keep ourselves away from discord, jealousy, grudge and hatred by mentioning his educatory name so that we can receive God’s blessings. Let’s not make Allah’s blessings a victim of our weaknesses so that we can be closer to him.  Let’s not be unjust towards orphans and help those in need so that Allah will always help us. Let’s ask for Allah’s help only and take refuge in him so that he will protect us from stress, the bane of modern life, all kinds of troubles and difficulties of modern chaos with his mercy and grace. Let’s purify our soul from all kinds of evil thoughts, discord and corruption so that earth becomes a better place. Let’s turn to God, so that our hearts are with him and keep us away from all kinds of ambitions and passions. Let’s perceive that the world is a temporary place so that our life is based on generosity, justice, renunciation and sagacity. Let the moral values of the Quran be our guide so that people will be pleased with us and God will be satisfied with us. Let’s only please God and perform all our actions in conformity with God’s approval so that we will experience peace and happiness of Ragha’ib every night.
I extend my most cordial felicitations on the occasion of the three holy months and the night of Ragha’ib in our country and the Islamic world with these feelings and thoughts and pray and supplicate to God for bloodshed in all places in the Islamic world to come to an end.
May God rest the souls of those who passed away in Reyhanlı and reached the rank of martyrs; I also wish the wounded a speedy recovery and let me take this opportunity to supplicate to God for all kinds of violence and terror threatening peace of mankind to come to an end , wars to be replaced by peace and enmity to be replaced by friendship,  
hearts to be given intimate knowledge,  all our desires, wishes, aims, passions and aims to be directed toward goodness, kindness and righteousness and  acceptance of worship and prayers performed during these months.
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Görmez