President of Diyanet Görmez attends seminar organized for the preachers that will serve in the Family and Religious Guidance centers…

President of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) Prof. Dr. Mehmet Görmez attended the in service training program organized for the Muslim preachers (vaiz) who will serve in the Family and Religious Guidance centers.

Speaking at the opening of 4 week long seminar including training programs concerning religious consultancy, moral guidance, women, children and family services aimed at protection of family prepared by the General Directorate of Religious Services, President of Diyanet Görmez mentioned the diversity of religious services adding that religious services should not be limited only in mosques but also continue in every walk of life.

Addressing preachers who will serve as preachers in Family and Religious Guidance centers that will be established in every city in Turkey, President of Diyanet Görmez underlined the importance of family for forming an healthy society and stated, “When we look at the chain of values introduced to the world by Islam, it can be seen that Islam is a religion that aims at building individuals, society and a nation of believers (ummah). Building a healthy society depends on family. In this sense, family has great importance.”

Underlining that family as an institution is facing very serious dangers in our century, President of Diyanet Görmez made comments about the importance of family institution;

“We are facing a world that degrades family as an institution…”

In time and in our century, family as an institution faces some very serious dangers. Due to this reason, the service you will offer is highly important. Because, you will focus on the values that forms the family as an institution. You will fight against all efforts and attempts that aim at destroying these values. We are facing a world that degrades the family as an institution. We are facing a world that tells young people that getting married means becoming a slave.

“We are facing an attempt that aims at depraving generations by destroying family values…”

When an idea that does not recognize Allah dominates the earth, it ruins the world and damages two things. First, it damages the culture and then it damages future generations. We are facing an attempt that aims at ruining generations by destroying family values. Majority of your efforts should be based on the re-establishment of family values, elimination of ideas that degrades family an an institution and emphasize the importance of family. Second important effort you must focus on is the protection and preservation of the family. You must fight against domestic violence, infidelity, faithlessness and addictions that destroy family life. In terms of religion, morality and ethics, family life is also a network of relationships. When these relations are organized, then happy families are formed.

“Society considers some Jahiliyyah practices as the principles of religion…”

We must carry out studies after having a command about today’s teenage world, children’s world and women’s world. How much of family life and family values that we disseminate to the public is based on Islam and how much of it are based on traditions and customs. How much of the principles based on traditions and customs are valid. We must know these well. Society considers some Jahiliyyah practices (practices of the period of ignorance before the Prophet) as the principles of religion. You must fight against those, too.

 “Modern societies are gradually becoming ruthless against disadvantageous groups…”

In the society, we must show interest to the disadvantageous groups such as battered women and children and seniors. Modern societies are gradually becoming ruthless about these groups. Some organizations are established but the solution is based on the family concept that you will plant into this society. As much as we reinforce family institution and family concept in the society, hardships experienced by the disadvantageous groups will be decreased.

Following his speech President of Diyanet Görmez wished trainees success in their careers.

192 trainees will receive training about religious consultancy and moral guidance at the 4 week long seminar.