Press Statement


It has become necessary to make the following statement in view of some inappropriate claims and accusations about the activities of our directorate that appeared in some media organs.
In a news item carried to the media by a trade union it has been claimed that the Office of the Head of Religious Affairs is profiling its own staff led by the muftis and is thus carrying out its activities according to this data. The Religious Affairs of Turkey is run according to the public personnel rules and thus practically all its staff are obliged  to obey and work according to the principles and standards specified in the law No.657 State Civil Servants Code. It is impossible for the units of the Prime Ministry to directly or indirectly opt for actions that are deemed illegal by our laws. Prudence of our establishment, the laws and related rules and regulations always guide the flow of services in a consistent and productive manner. Besides this appointments and relocation of our staff is being carried out according to the decisions of the Council of Appointments and Relocation of Staff as it has been the case in the past.
We would like to share with the public the facts that we regard it non ethical as the Office of the Head of Religious Affairs to undertake profiling of our personnel according to their political, social ethical and cultural preferences and carry out activities by disregarding the rule of law and take action based on presumptions and fictitious information. Any preferences in this regard has never been protected and will never be protected in our institution.