Honorable Believers!
In the verse I have recited, Allah Almighty enjoins: “O you who believe! Remember Allah's favor on you when a people had determined to stretch forth their hands towards you, but He withheld their hands from you, and be careful of (your duty to) Allah; and on Allah let the believers rely.”[1]
Brothers and Sisters!
This verse was actually revealed to inform how Allah the Exalted assisted and supported the army of Islam with His angles in the Battle of the Trench. But Allah’s assurance always was realized in many turning points throughout history. It came true in Manzikert, in Çanakkale, in Sakarya, in Dumlupınar. And as a nation, we witnessed a year ago on July 15 that Allah’s assurance was realized. That night, we faced a big attempt of treason and invasion as a country and nation. On that dark night, we witnessed once again that Allah did not spare His favor, grace, assistance, and blessing from us. For that reason, our most important duty on the anniversary of July 15 is to never forget Allah’s favor and grace, His mercy and assistance. As believers who overcame this great calamity shoulder to shoulder, we must always thank Allah, show gratitude to Him, and prostrate ourselves before Him.
Honorable Brothers and Sisters!
Another fact we must never forget is the prayers and supplications said in tears that night by oppressed, aggrieved, and deprived brothers and sisters around the world who have pinned their hopes on us. We all witnessed that night that from Gaza to Sarajevo, Kirkuk to Somalia, Sudan to Pakistan, the steppes of Asia to the other end of Africa all the oppressed, the downtrodden, the deprived, the immigrants, and the refugees of the world prayed for our nation. They shed tears in prostration praying “Do not let the last bastion of Islam’s Ummah fall.” That night, we all experienced the meaning of our Beloved Prophet’s (pbuh) hadith, “Believers are like building blocks of a structure. They make sure the survival of one another.”[2]
Venerable Muslims!
Another fact we must keep alive in our minds at all times is the spirit of unity, togetherness, and solidarity that our nation and state displayed hand in hand with our youth and elders, women and men. We all witnessed on July 15 that our glorious nation took to the streets upon the call of our statesmen to defend their own homeland, rights, law, free will, independence, and freedom with takbir on their lips, sala in their ears, and the desire for martyrdom in their hearts. That night, our glorious nation showed the entire world once again that magnificent spirit described in our National Anthem: “What madman shall put me in chains? I defy the very idea! I'm like the roaring flood; trampling my banks and overcoming my body!” Particularly the fact that our youth performed ablution saying “bismillah,” left home reciting the Kalima Shahadat, and took to streets with “Allahu Akbar” chants was the biggest hope for the future of our nation.
Brothers and Sisters!
Another point we must always remember is that the salas sounding from minarets that night kept us well and alive as a nation and aroused our spiritual feelings and collective consciousness and will. Salas witnessed how a nation reared up and banded together around its values. Because our greatest strength that makes us a nation and that delivered us from darkness into light that night is our unwavering faith in Allah. It is our will to never bow to any other power than Him.
Honorable Believers!
Another point we must never forget is that the treason and invasion we faced that night was committed under the cover of religion. We witnessed on the night of July 15 that a network of treason that exploited this nation’s religion, faith, values, sentiments, charity, alms, and zakat for 40 years by pretending to be good-doers targeted the very existence of our nation. A movement of discord that wasted several generations by stealing people’s children aimed at the survival of our country for the goals of invaders. This invasion attempt showed us once again that we must learn our great religion from accurate sources. We must experience Islam in the best way under the guidance of Quran and Sunnah. We must not veer away from the path that built civilizations throughout history. We must not build such a grand truth as religion upon individuals. We must not abandon the path of knowledge and wisdom so that we never experience such evil and treachery again and bow to movements of evil that disguise themselves in the color of goodness.
Brothers and Sisters!
Lastly, another fact we must not forget is to always gratefully and fondly remember our great martyrs who sacrificed their lives for our values, and our veterans who carry their wounds like a medal of independence. May Allah rest the soul of our martyrs! May He let them join the martyrs of Badr, Uhud, Trench, Manzikert, Çanakkale, and Sakarya. May He reward and cure all our veterans! And May He never let us veer away from their path!

[1] Al-Ma’idah, 5/11.
[2] Bukhari, Salât, 88; Muslim, Birr ve Sıla, 65.
Written by: General Directorate of Religious Services