Directorate of Strategy Development

Considering the historical process of the Department of Strategy Development within the Directorate, it is seen that Research, Planning and Programming  Budget Consultancy was  established within the body of the Directorate of Religious Affairs in 1971 to carry out a significant part of services still offered by the unit. In this historical process, the unit in question was first called “Department of Research and Planning”, then “Office of Strategy Development” and lastly the “Department of Strategy Development.”
The Department of Strategy Development, in parallel with directorates of strategy in other official institutions, fulfills duties regarding planning, budgeting, reporting, research and development, monitoring financial expenses and administrative information systems stated in laws No.5018 and 5436.
The Department of Strategy Development has been organized in a way so as a department monitors one in every four function assigned to it by law.
  • “Department of Strategic Planning and Administrative Development” is in charge of strategic planning work of the directorate, drawing up activity reports, research and analysis, determining performance and quality criteria and developing administrative work and procedures.
  •  “Department of Information Management and Communication” is in charge of offering services regarding administrative information systems and working procedures on information services needed by the Directorate.
  • “Department of Budget and performance” is in charge of all kinds of working procedures related to budget.
  • “Department of Internal Control” is in charge of consultancy for the implementation of financial regulations and working procedures on internal control system and pre-financial control.
The Department of Strategy Development the duties of which are set by laws and financial regulations exerts efforts for the Institution to acquire the habit of planned work. A strategic plan was drawn up twice in 2008 and 2011 within this context and both plans were followed and reports prepared. Lastly, the Strategic Plan of the Department for 2012-2016 was renewed and put into effect due to an amendment to law No. 633.
The department has solid statistical data and data are published yearly.
Besides, standard staff and mosques were classified as part of work to determine efficiency and productivity of the directorate staff.
A directive was issued and a project office set up to better run religious, cultural and social projects of the Directorate. By this means projects are carried out more effectively and appropriate ones are adopted.
All necessary computer programs are prepared or having prepared and kept ready for service so that duties of the directorate are performed more rapidly and productively.
Technological developments are followed with the aim of offering an effective religious service through the internet and adapted to the systems of the Directorate and efforts are made for the directorate system to become one of the most effective websites in its field.
Besides, the directorate that closely follows technological developments, develops fields like mobile areas and puts them into service as part of these developments.
 Service quality and service areas of the Directorate are continuously evaluated and used for improving services and planning new services. As a part of this, staff satisfaction is also evaluated and work is carried out for the staff to offer services in a better environment and boost efficiency.
Work is also carried out for the budget of the Directorate to be used more effectively and the relationship between budget and  performance is continuously followed.