Directorate of Revolving Funds

The General Directorate of Information that consists of 1 head and 2 civil servants to increase the number of publications and send and handle the Directorate publications to meet increased demand, was established under law No.5634 dated March 23, 1950.
Religious Publications Revolving Funds Accountancy with a capital of 250.000 was formed under law No. 5806 on July 2, 1951   and a price was set for printed publications offered for sale.                                                                                                                                                                                                         
In accordance with provisional article No.2 in the legislative decree on staff appointment and procedure No.190 issued in the repeated issue of the official gazette dated December 14, 1983;
The Directorate headquarters was re arranged in accordance with the law No. 3046 with a Council of Ministers’ decision No. 84/8360 of July 18, 1984 and the Directorate of Revolving Funds became a separate unit called the Directorate of Religious Publications Revolving Funds within the structure of the Directorate after 102 staff was allocated to it.
The Directorate has been given the duty of enlightening society on religion with the law No.633 on the Organization and Duties of the Directorate of Religious Affairs and printing, introduction, distribution and sale procedure of printed and audiovisual part of this duty is undertaken by the Directorate of Revolving Funds.The Revolving Funds Enterprise undertakes services related to selling areas of publications of the Directorate, can open bookstores and import and export publications.
Areas of activity and working procedures and principles of the Revolving Funds Enterprise are organized according to regulations.
  1. To carry out administrative, financial and technical procedures of the enterprise in accordance with regulations, work schedule, budget principles, decisions made by the Board of Directors and management principles.
  2.  To sell, distribute and introduce publications of the directorate,
  3. To carry out procedure on personal rights of enterprise staff,
  4. To organize, monitor and inspect duties of the enterprise staff within the principles of division of labor,
  5. To duly carry out and inspect revenue and expense recognition and  payment procedures of the enterprise,
  6. To sign with the accountant documents outlining expenditure sourced by either the petty cash office or the bank account,
  7. To have yearly work schedule  and budget proposal of the enterprise prepared,
  8. To perform other duties assigned by the directorate on matters related to the enterprise,
  1. To appreciate work carried out and bear responsibility,
  2. To focus on providing services,
  3. To communicate openly and effectively,
  4. To respect society, environment and ethical values,
  5. To target to be a unit that gives priority to efficiency,
  6. To attend fairs in the country and abroad to introduce, sell and exhibit publications of the directorate,
  7. To meet the demands of mufti’s offices that want to purchase the publications of the directorate in time and rapidly,
  8. To send required information and documents with the approval of the office of the president to mufti’s offices in different provinces and districts in line with their demand to open a selling area to sell Religious Affairs Publications in order to exhibit, introduce and sell publications of the Directorate and enable the opening of Selling Areas of Religious Affairs Publications within mufti’s offices or other appropriate places.