General Directorate of Educational Services

The General Directorate  has been established by virtue of law no. 633 to  organize courses for those who want to read the Quran, understand its meaning, become a hafiz and receive religious education  and open Quran courses, open and run student dormitories and hostels for students who are attending these courses; organize their budget on food and accommodation needs of the Quran courses, student dormitories, hostels and other expenses as of the fiscal year; undertake all buying and selling procedures of student dormitories and hostels, carry out work on the Quran being duly read , develop, plan and implement  training programs by cooperating with units and institutions concerned, open training centers and carry out procedure and  services related to these centers , open specialized religious centers with the aim of staff who  have undergraduate degree in religious education to have more knowledge about matters related to the scope of duties of the Directorate  and  specialize and carry out procedure and services related to these centers.
There are four departments affiliated to the General Directorate.
1.Department of Non-Formal Religious Education
Performs services like Quran courses, summer  Quran courses, opening and closing of places where non-formal religious education is provided, opening student dormitories and hostels, determining educational needs and hafiz placement tests.
The Department of Non-formal Religious Education also has the duty to carry out procedure related to education in Quran courses for students who come from other countries. Besides it also carries out work to increase productivity in learning the Quran and religious knowledge.
2. Department of In- Service Training and Counseling
The Directorate enables staff at all positions to acquire up to date  information and skills as well as good manners  in line with institutional strategic plan and targets as their duties necessitate, develop their sense of belonging ,reach a better level in scientific and technological areas , professional and cultural matters, train themselves and organizes in-service-training by setting their targets, planning, procedures and principles to increase productivity and prepare staff for senior positions  .
For this purpose, it organizes in-service-training like candidacy training, Aşere-takrib, Tashih-i huruf,  Quran, beautiful recitation of Azan(call to prayer), Religious Knowledge, Oratory and other in-service-training needed by the Directorate.
3. Department of Development of Programs
It has the duty to prepare or have prepared all programs for non-formal religious educational activities and educational materials including specialization for those who want to receive religious education, , Aşere Takrib, Tashih-i Huruf , training to become a hafiz and other in-service courses.
Besides, it updates current programs by taking into consideration changing conditions and feedback.
It conducts field research to evaluate efficiency of programs and activities. It cooperates with institutions concerned with the aim of raising education level of staff and increase service efficiency.
4.Department of Specialized Religious Centers
In-service specialization courses are organized for staff who have at least undergraduate degree in religious education to have more knowledge about matters related to the scope of duties of the directorate and specialize. To determine staff to be provided this education, their education strategies and needs and follow procedures related to education calendar, entrance, term and final exams are among the duties of the Department.
Specialization education consists of “Preparatory Courses in Arabic”, “Basic Islamic Sciences” and “Preaching and Guidance Services, Improvement of Knowledge and Skills” parts. It lasts 30 months and carries 3426 credits. Course attendees, who complete the course successfully, start work in different positions such as a preacher or mufti.