General Directorate of Management Services

The General Directorate;
served as a Directorate from 1926 to 1984, as the Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs  until 13/07/2010 and was established as the General Directorate of Management Services in accordance with  clause (f) in article 7 under law No. 633 and 5002.The General Directorate consists of the following 4 Departments: Department of Support Services, Department of Materials Management and Purchasing, Department of Investments, Real Estate and Technical Services and Department of Social Services.
Our Mission and Vision
To prepare projects for service buildings, Quran Courses and Training Center buildings as well as mosque projects that have an artistic value within current subsidies, for the headquarters and departments in rural areas of the Directorate to render services in the best way possible and enable high quality materials and services required to be purchased at a convenient price, stored and distributed according to objective criteria.
In this context;
The General Directorate aspires to use sources in an effective, productive, transparent and accountable way while offering services and pursue a participative, strong and reliable service policy based on an understanding of ethical behavior.
The Directorate procures quality materials and service in the shortest time possible and most economically by taking into consideration sensitivity of activities carried out by service units.
The General Directorate of Management Services that has been assigned the task of support service for the main units of the Directorate has the following duties:
*To carry out construction, maintenance, repair, purchasing, renting, general documents, archive, health, security, cleanliness, lightening, transportation and similar work and procedures concerning the headquarters and departments in rural areas,
*To plan, improve, install, manage and renew all kinds of  technical equipment and infrastructure services and take necessary measures to maintain safety and durability of this infrastructure,
*To determine and schedule requirements regarding lands, buildings and facilities for services offered by the directorate,
*To carry out allocation, expropriation and rental procedures of lands and buildings required for services offered by the directorate,
*To prepare investment proposals and plan investment allocation for service buildings of the directorate, training centers, Quran courses and social facilities,
*To provide technical control by carrying out work for aesthetic, functional and safe construction of mosques, Quran courses, service buildings and other religious facilities, prepare and have typical projects prepared and control them,
*To determine , preserve and assess teberrükat  goods (goods donated to mosques) in mosques and small mosques in registered and associated foundations, change their places, sell and allocate money obtained from this sale for similar services, prepare tables, keep accounts, supervise and organize other facts in cooperation with the General Directorate for Foundations whereas to organize teberrükat goods in other mosques and small mosques in cooperation with units and institutions concerned,
*To carry out social and cultural activities of the directorate  and enable the establishment and management of religious affairs homes and similar social facilities,
*To keep a record of real estate,
*To carry out procedures regarding aid to be extended to associations, foundations, unions, institutions, funds and similar organizations by paying regard to public welfare from the budget of the directorate,
*To organize aid campaigns launched by the directorate,
*To accept donations, enable these donations to be deposited into a special account, ensure that they are only used for religious services and abide by conditions in conditional donations to be accepted with the approval of the directorate,
*To make necessary arrangements in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance for renting places in outbuildings of mosques and small mosques administered by the Directorate of Religious Affairs and are the property of immovables of the Treasury,
*To design or have religious attire to be worn by religious officials designed, purchase and distribute this attire,
*To plan and carry out civil defense and mobilization services of the directorate,
The General Directorate performs the abovementioned duties with a total of 409 people, including 262 permanent staff, 105 employees of a company offering Cleaning Services and 42 employees of a company offering Private Security Services.