General Directorate of Religious Publications

Establishment and Structuring
The General Directorate of Religious Publications was established under law No.6002 and dated 01.07.2010 on the establishment and duties of the Directorate of Religious Affairs and Amendments to Certain Laws.
The General Directorate consists of the following 4 departments:
1.Department of Printed Publications
2.Department of Periodicals and Libraries
3.Department of Publications in Foreign Languages and Dialects
4. Department of Radio and Television
Main Duties
- To prepare and have printed and audiovisual works prepared in real and electronic environment, examine publish and broadcast them.
- Radio and television broadcasts on matters related to the scope of duties of the department.
- To prepare and have programs prepared to be broadcast on radio and television and act in cooperation with Turkish Radio and Television Corporation on these matters.
- To prepare and have publications prepared in different languages and dialects for Turks, cognates and Islamic communities living abroad and distribute them free of charge when needed.
- To offer periodical and library services.
- To distribute free of charge publications when necessary.
To meet religious requirements and expectations of Turks and cognates living in the country and abroad, contribute to national unity and solidarity; enlighten society on religion by publications and broadcasts with accurate and up-to-date information based on fundamental sources of Islam.
To achieve the most effective and respectable publications and broadcasts in Turkey and the world taking as a reference all aspects of Islam.
Principles and Objectives:
-To enlighten society with accurate information based on Islamic sources.
-To attach importance to publications on fundamental sources of Islam.
-To prepare separate publications and broadcasts for people, youth, children, women and intellectuals taking into consideration social and cultural structure of society.
-To give priority to publications and broadcasts aimed to protect children and youth from bad habits and harmful movements.
-To prepare publications and broadcasts for the disabled, homeless, elderly, poor and prisoners who need special care and support.
-To contribute to the development of piousness centered on knowledge, ethics and aesthetic sensitivity.
-To enable training of religious officials who have assimilated Islamic belief and its practical principles, whose education and cultural levels are high, are at peace with themselves and society, lead society in human relations, understand their counterparts, can produce practical solutions to issues by using religious and scientific data and set an example with their words and behavior.
-To provide support for Turks living abroad to be individuals who are devoted to their identity, realize the requirements of living together and contribute to their society.
-To prepare works that meet religious needs and expectations of our cognates and coreligionists who live abroad.
-To distribute free of charge books that will shed light on various social issues besides religious matters from their own perspective.
-To use possibilities of communication technology in the best way possible with the aim of enlightening society regarding Islam more effectively.
-To continuously produce information and share it with society in due time.
-To exert efforts for publications to reach all segments of society.