General Directorate of Religious Services

Religion enables man to fulfill requirements of his purpose of creation, be at peace with himself, society and his creator, be a good person by using his mind and free will and do useful work.
Considering the importance of religion, Muslims felt the formation of religious institutions necessary after the death of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The purpose of these institutions was to give people correct information, organize a life of worship and conduct it in a disciplined way.
Today, these services in our country are rendered by the Directorate of Religious Affairs that is a constitutional institution. General Directorate of Religious Services is one of the most significant service units of the Directorate that was established to conduct work related to Islamic beliefs, principles of worship and moral thought and action and administer places of worship.
The General Directorate performs duties stated in Article 7, clause (a) of the law No. 633 on the Establishment and Duties of the Directorate of Religious Affairs. The General Directorate consists of four departments namely Guidance Services, Mosque Services. Family and Religious Counseling Services and Social and Cultural Religious Services. Services offered by the departments in question can be summarized as follows:
Guidance Services: To enable guidance services in mosques and small mosques being carried out duly and efficiently; organize panels, conferences, seminars, symposiums and similar religious programs and scientific meetings in places outside mosques and small mosques; follow work and procedures and draw up reports on activities organized by mufti’s offices through radio, television and other broadcasting corporations to enlighten society on religion and carry out work and procedures on the Blessed  Birth Week.
Mosque Services: To follow work and procedures on opening mosques and small mosques to worship, administering mosques and small mosques and offering services,; organize programs on religious days and nights and carry out work and procedures on these programs being broadcast by radio and television stations; carry out work and procedures on cleanliness of mosques and surrounding area and carry out work and procedures on mosques and Religious Officials Week.
Family and Religious Counseling Services: To enlighten, guide and prepare projects on religious matters for families, women, youths and other segments of society; enable religious services being offered in social service organizations like affection homes, orphanages and women’s guest houses; enable religious and cultural activities being organized for women and families and enable religious counseling services being offered to solve family problems.
Social and Cultural Religious Services: To enable social and cultural work being carried out to keep national and moral values of society alive; carry out work on different Islamic religious circles, religious and social organizations and traditional religious and cultural formations; carry out work and procedures on locating the Qibla direction and provide training support for staff determined by mufti’s offices on locating the Qibla direction and enable religious services being offered for people in penal institutions and prisons, reform schools for children, nursing homes, healthcare organizations and similar places.