Department of Guidance and Inspection

Inspecting the headquarters, departments in rural areas and abroad and all administrative, financial and legal working procedures of the staff on behalf of the President, with an educational and instructional understanding to prevent irregularities, inspecting working procedures and staff and making inquiries.
Inspecting and doing research with the aim of boosting efficiency and productivity of the directorate services and enabling new arrangements to be made for services being offered in accordance with the regulations, plans, program and functions of the Directorate and submitting views and proposals on these matters to the President.
Guiding staff in matters related to activities, services and working procedures of the Directorate being carried out in accordance with laws, rules and regulations and other regulations concerned, program, strategic plan and targets and policies set; and sources being used effectively, economically and productively.
Inspecting and evaluating efficiency, economy and productivity at the stages of planning; implementing and checking activities and procedures in the headquarters, rural areas and abroad; accuracy and reliability of accounts and procedures; durability and reliability of electronic information systems.