Press Release from the President of Religious Affairs of Turkey Mr. Erbaş on Recent Massacre in Gaza

Press Release from the President of Religious Affairs of Turkey Mr. Erbaş on Recent Massacre in Gaza

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Today, al-Quds –the ancient city of humanity, the land of peace, and the first qiblah of Muslims– is facing a barbaric occupation. A lunatic attitude disregarding humanity, conscience, morality, and the international law, commits a total ferocity to hand over al-Quds to an occupying community. Tens of innocent people bearing nothing but faith and courage in their hearts have been brutally murdered before the eyes of the entire world in Gaza, on the eve of the holy month of Ramadan.

Undoubtedly, no tyranny can prevent the free future of Palestine, Gaza and Masjid al-Aqsa. No cruel force can desecrate a city and its surroundings blessed by Allah. All the oppressors have been victims of the very flames they ignited, and history has witnessed the perishment of many oppressors and tyrants. Those who have a design against peace, tranquility, security, and hope in al-Quds today are doomed to drown in the chaos they create.

The important point is who has what attitude against persecution and injustice. Al-Quds is a test of conscience, law and morality before Muslims and the humanity. While the land of prophets is threatened and the holy lands of Muslims is transgressed, where everyone stands indicates the reflection of their conscience. So those who remain silent when the dignity of al-Quds is trampled on, people’s freedom to life, faith and thought is inhumanely bereaved and the adhan is silenced in the city blessed with Revelation, will be condemned in the conscience of humanity, embarrassed before history and the future, disgraced and abominated before the Lord of the universes.

It is now clear that those who occupy Palestine and al-Quds, and drag the world into wars and chaos, care about none of the values like moderation, conscience, law, and human rights. The only solution at this point is that the ummah comes together to prevent oppression and occupation. Because the tyrants who murder innocent people in al-Quds today are encouraged by the disunity of the ummah. Therefore, as all the Muslims on earth, let us strengthen our brotherhood of faith with the awareness of being ummah. Let us seek solutions to overcome difficulties all together. Let us not give any chance to the instigations who damage and weaken our unity and power. Let us prevent the tyrants who turn our region into a land of blood and tears.

In conclusion, I must clearly state that al-Quds is and will remain to be the capital of Palestine forever. The Presidency of Religious Affairs of Turkey and our noble nation are always on the side of the oppressed Palestinian people, and will continue to give them all kinds of support.

With this occasion, I beseech the mercy of Allah for our brothers and sisters who have been martyred in Gaza. I ask that in this season of Ramadan we unite our hearts and our prayers also for Palestine, and I pray to Allah that He bestow His mercy and help upon us.