Message of President of Religious Affairs Erbaş on the July 15

Message of President of Religious Affairs Erbaş on the July 15

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

July 15 is the anniversary of one of the greatest treasons our nation has ever had to face. Exploiting the naive religious feelings of our people for many years by claiming to base its references on the religion, this terrorist network had designs against our nation, unity, solidarity, brotherhood, independence, and our future.

Having overcome many difficulties throughout history, our honorable nation has protected their religion, fatherland, freedom and the rule of law with great faith and resolution once again, and defeated this treacherous attempt of invasion with a glorious resistance with Allah’s assistance, our leaders’ determination, and our nation’s courage in a glorious manner exemplary for the whole world.

Today, it is very clear that FETO is a foreign-driven terrorist organization concealing all its dirty plans, dark face, divergence, and evilness under the guise of religion. It is a movement of deviance in creed, practice and morality that distorts and destroys all the values of Islam and uses them for its dark and despicable purposes.

The leader of this terrorist organization and his followers, who did not hold back from opening fire at their own nation for their dark and despicable purposes, have militarized those people whom they deceived and ensnared with the religious values, and turned them into monsters betraying their own fatherland and nation.

The July 15 treacherous coup attempt has made it more clear that ignorance and false knowledge on religion cause many individual and social problems, and every need that is not met in the right way becomes vulnerable to abuse. From this point of view, I have to express that we have to be more careful altogether against those who abuse and exploit our religion for their own purposes, and aim at our religion, union, solidarity, peace and brotherhood.

In this regard, the Presidency of Religious Affairs will continue to perform its responsibilities and inform our nation against those who exploit the good intentions and pure sentiments of our people, do misdeeds by abusing the concepts of Islam, and against all discourses and activities which aim to segregate and deceive our society.

On this occasion, I pray to Allah for mercy for our martyrs who sacrificed their lives fighting against the treacherous coup attempt, and health and welfare for our veterans, and I would like to express my gratitude to our honorable nation for their great courage and endurance.

Professor Ali Erbaş

President of the Presidency of Religious Affairs