General Directorate Of Human Resources

General Directorate Of Human Resources

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Personnel department has been abolished and replaced by Human Resources Directorate General as a result of an amendment to the law No. 633 On the Establishment and Duties of Presidency of Religious Affairs under law No. 6002 of 01.07.2010 and 8 current branch offices have been abolished and the following 6 departments have been formed within the body of the Directorate General with the approval of the Presidency of Religious Affairs No. 193 of 20.12.2010:

1- Department of Appointment,

2- Department of  Appointment,

3- Department of Staff, Promotion and Designation,

4- Department of Registry,

5- Department of Discipline and  Assessment,

6- Department of Personnel Systems, Training and Exams.

General Directorate Human Resources carries out the under mentioned duties with the aim of effective and productive services being rendered and recruitment of human resources having professional competence needed by the Directorate,

Carrying out work, having work carried out and putting forward proposals regarding manpower policy and planning of the Directorate,

Staff appointments and procedures,

Arranging candidacy, courses and probation period of Directorate staff, determining their  in service training requirements, and drawing up plans,

Carrying out work to boost staff efficiency and productivity.


The General Directorate  carries out its duties by means of 6 Departments. The main duties of the departments are:

1 Department of Appointment: Carrying out planning, appointment and transfer procedures of staff except Quran courses instructors, imam hatip students and muezzin kayyıms working at the Directorate.

2 Department of Appointment:  Carrying out planning, appointment and transfer procedures of Quran courses instructors, imam hatip students, muezzin kayyıms and mosque guides working at the Directorate.               .

3 Department of Staff, Promotion and Designation: Determining staff requirements in various titles of the Directorate in the headquarters, rural areas and abroad, directing distribution procedures, promotion and orientation procedures of staff , procedures after death of staff as well as retirement procedures.

4 Department of Registry: Carrying out personal rights procedures of the Directorate staff, following consent procedures of staff that want to work in another institution; archiving personal and registry files and giving registration numbers.

5 Department of Discipline and Assessment: Assessing any complaint about the staff and referring the ones complying with regulations to units concerned and monitoring procedures to be carried out in line with decisions taken in boards such as High Disciplinary Board, Appointment and Relocation Board and Central Disciplinary Board.

6 Department of Personnel Systems, Training and Exams: Monitoring procedures regarding exams to be held by the Directorate headquarters  except those exempted in the rules and regulations, carrying out work on boosting efficiency and productivity of the directorate staff and determining their training requirements, fulfilling procedures on rules and regulations on the Union of Public Employees, monitoring secretariat services of the Administrative Board and improving ethical culture of  the directorate staff.