Message for the 15th of July from the President of Religious Affairs Erbaş

Message for the 15th of July from the President of Religious Affairs Erbaş

Thursday, July 16, 2020

The 15th of July is the name of an honorable saga which was written by our great nation with a noble resistance against the greatest betrayal of this century.

The crime rings and terrorist networks, which the global power groups have planned and used for mischief and duality in the Islamic geography, have always constituted a drawback against the unity, peace, and progress of Muslims. FETO, which is for sure one of such organizations, subcontracted the global power groups for years by hiding itself behind the principles and values of our supreme religion Islam. FETO terrorist organization abused our concepts and values under the cover of education and service and spoiled the young people's spiritual, emotional, and mental worlds in order to achieve its hidden objectives. This network of betrayals, which turned religion into a means of violence and abuse, targeted our existence, freedom, homeland, unity, brotherhood, and future on the date of 15 July 2016 by making a great assassination plan against our country.

However, our dear nation, which has overcome several challenges throughout the history, resisted to this betrayal attempt again with great belief, ambition, and determination and protected its religion, values, freedom, and law order at the cost of their own life. Our dear nation, which gave the example of a great courage with the help of Allah and the wisdom of our executives, parried the traitorous coup attempt with a glorious resistance.

The resistance on the 15th of July not only disappointed the coup attempt but also disclosed all aspects of the externally motivated terrorist organization FETO’s perversion in terms of faith, actions, and morals.

All of these incidents show us that knowing our supreme religion Islam and its universal values in the most correct way is of vital importance for our nation, generations, and future. Because the ignorance and the incorrect information about the truths of Islam make people vulnerable to abuse and lead especially the young people to the trap of terrorist and abuse structures. On the other hand, this situation may cause serious catastrophes and calamities by laying the ground for several individual and social problems.

In this respect, our Presidency of Religious Affairs, with its all members, produces the authentic religious information and the correct religious services in line with the requirements of this age and with ambition, determination, and sense of responsibility and brings our generations together with the truths of Islam. In this sense, on one hand, the Presidency fights against all kinds of discourses and activities which aim to separate and deceive our nation by using religious concepts and values and, on the other hand, continues to provide guidance to the spiritual life our nation with a prophetic method unselfishly and steadfastly.

With this occasion, I would like to wish Allah’s mercy upon all our martyrs and good health for our veterans, primarily those who sacrificed themselves while fighting against the traitorous coup attempt on the 15th of July, and also would like to express my thanks to our dear nation for the great resistance and courage shown by them. 

May the Almighty Allah (s.w.t.) protect our nation and the Islam ummah from all kinds of mischief, duality, evil, and betrayal.


Prof. Dr. Ali Erbaş

The President of Religious Affairs