Response of the Presidency of Religious Affairs to the Charlie Hebdo Magazine

Response of the Presidency of Religious Affairs to the Charlie Hebdo Magazine

Thursday, October 29, 2020

As we have always stated on every occasion, we once again state that Islam is a religion of peace and its messenger, Prophet Muhammad (saw), is the Prophet of Mercy. Muslims have a belief that embraces human rights, freedoms and universal human values, ​​and rejects all kinds of violence and evil. However, recently, we see that insults and attacks against Islam and Muslims in Europe, especially in France, have reached very serious levels. A magazine named Charlie Hebdo is leading this situation with its despicable publications. In the latest issue of this evil magazine, a hideous cartoon about our Prophet (saw) and President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was published.

We clearly state that this publication and what has been done is an indescribable disrespect for nearly two billion Muslims in the world. It is a crime against humanity, against the sacred values and conscience. It is a terrible immorality that disregards human values. It is a great hostility that tramples the law. It is a despicable policy that attacks human dignity and freedom of belief. It is a fanatical barbarism that violates international conventions. It is an irresponsible and reckless behavior that undermines social and global peace. It is a conscious and cruel provocation that agitates people and masses. We strongly emphasize that, attitudes such as lies, slander, insults, targeting, and provoking can never be explained and camouflaged with the concept of freedom.

Therefore, we strongly condemn this abominable and dishonorable magazine. We expect the judicial bodies of France to immediately fulfill the requirements of the law.

We invite the administrators of the relevant countries to fulfill their responsibilities in order to protect the sacred values ​​of Muslims, to provide all kinds of security of theirs, and to ensure the requirements of their citizenship rights.

We call on all intellectuals, academics, activists, non-governmental organizations, press members and reasonable people of Europe who believe in law and human rights, and care about faith and social peace, to react and take initiative against this blatant atrociousness and violation of rights. We expect all religious bodies who value humans and beliefs to react. Otherwise, the persons, groups and institutions in question will lose their credibility in the eyes of Muslims and will cause deep disappointment.

We also openly declare to the world public opinion that Muslims will never resort to unlawful remedies against these heinous provocations and will continue to defend their rights, beliefs and universal values ​​by acting with common sense and reason. We believe that mercy, conscience and law will be victorious, goodness and peace will prevail.

Respectfully announced to the world public opinion.


Presidency of Religious Affairs