Message of President of Religious Affairs Erbaş on the Month of Muharram, Ashura and Karbala

Message of President of Religious Affairs Erbaş on the Month of Muharram, Ashura and Karbala

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

The month of Muharram witnessed numerous significant events in the minds and hearts of Muslims that contain deep memories. The day of Ashura, the 10th day of Muharram, is also the date when the tragedy of Karbala, one of the most sorrowful events in Islamic history, took place.

The event of Karbala, which took place in year of Hijri 61, is the common sorrow of every Muslim who believes Allah the Almighty (swt) and His Messenger (saw) and host affection to ahl al-bayt regardless of their sect, character, culture, geography, race, and ideology. While Hussain and his companions, who were martyred in Karbala for the sake of the high values that they advocated, are remembered with blessings by the believers who feel this sorrow deep in their hearts, those who deemed proper this cruelty to him and his companions are condemned by the moral compass.

Hussain is the distinguished representative of a beautiful life, a high morality, a noble and honorable stance on the path of Islam. In fact, his goal and ideal manifest themselves in his life, morals, and martyrdom. As a matter of fact, he stood against every kind of wrong thoughts and beliefs that dragged the society to sedition and strived for establishment of consciousness of ummah and brotherhood. He stood firmly before cruelty and injustice with the goal of making the right, lawful and justice dominant and sacrificed his life at this very sake.

In this regard, loving Hussain requires to understand him and following his way requires to adopt his ideals. The biggest duty that fall upon us today is to read this sorrowful event that set fire on our hearts with its causes and results in the correct way and to take the necessary lessons for today and future of ummah.

Because remembering Karbala is not an ordinary event of mourning, but it is to advocate the values for whose sake Hussain sacrificed his life, the right, lawful, justice and mercy against the cruelty and the cruel.

On the other hand, Karbala, one of the most sorrowful events in the history of Islam, reminds us of our responsibilities in life. It charges a divine responsibility such as widely opening the doors of our hearts to each other, leaving every kind of polarization aside, renewing our pact of brotherhood and strengthening our bonds with each other within the consciousness of unity and brotherhood which was the ideal of Hussain on our shoulders. It preaches us to always be careful against the evil eye who strive to incite sedition and corruption.

Therefore, we should make efforts to strengthen our unity and solidarity with our feelings, opinions, words and actions in the face of drifting of the time. We should stay away from any kind of discourse and action that will violate our brotherhood and affection that unite us. We should not give a chance to possibility of new Karbalas and new sorrows that will set our hearts on fire.

On this occasion, I remember with blessings and gratitude our martyrs, especially Hussain, leader of martyrs, and the victims of Karbala, of all times from the Battle of Badr to the Battle of Manzikert, from the Battle of Gallipoli to the Battle of Sakarya, and from the War of Independence to July the 15th and to today, who sacrificed their lives, for the sake of religion, iman and what is sacred. And here I request our Lord, the Almighty Allah (swt), to allow our nation and all Muslims to live a life in peace, tranquility and safety.


Prof. Dr. Ali ERBAŞ

President The Presidency of Religious Affairs