Message for the 15th of July Democracy and National Unity Day from the President of Religious Affairs Erbaş

Message for the 15th of July Democracy and National Unity Day from the President of Religious Affairs Erbaş

Friday, July 29, 2022

15th of July is the unforgettable date of the epic struggle of our beloved nation, which holds its faith, freedom, motherland, independence, and future above everything else, against the treacherous coup attempt of FETO. Having overcome numerous challenges with its faith and resilience from past to present, our nation once again succeeded with the assistance of Allah (swt) and set a great precedent for the entire world by foiling, with a glorious resistance, the coup attempt on July 15 attempted by a treacherous network guided by foreign powers that targeted our country and democratic will, as well as our future and survival.

FETO, which abuses our people’s pure and sincere emotions by hiding behind the concepts of our faith and our culture in order to realize their dirty and dark goals, stole our nation’s zakah, Qurbani, infaq, goodwill and children and has gained strength and opportunities with lies, fraud, and wiles. By carrying out treacherous works against our nation and all Muslims in the world, it has served to the goals of evil groups in the Islamic geography.

The aforementioned terrorist organization, which abuses our exalted religion, Islam, and its values in Muslim countries and communities by presenting itself as righteous, has shown once more that ignorance or misinformation about our faith and civilizational values can lead to irreparable mistakes and great disasters. Generations that do not know their faith become vulnerable to abuse. For this reason, it has become an indispensable duty for every Muslim to learn the principles of mercy that bring peace to life from the right sources, to be more careful and sensitive to those who seek sedition, terror, and anarchy, and those who harm unity and solidarity, peace and fraternity.

Today, each of us has to give effort with all our means to raise our children as good people who knows their faith, culture, and values, who is loyal to their country, who have good morals and consider the service to humanity as the service to the Almighty Allah (swt).

The Presidency of Religious Affairs shall continue to carry out its responsibilities against all discourses and activities that abuse our values, try to deceive our nation, call for unrest and division, and it will continue to guide the spiritual life of our nation in the light of the Qur'an and Sunnah.

With these emotions and opinions, I would like to express my thanks to our dear nation that fought with great faith and determination in order to protect our independence and future on the 15th of July. I wish Allah’s mercy upon all our martyrs who sacrificed their lives for this cause and good health and well-being for our veterans.

May the Almighty Allah (swt) protect our nation from all kinds of unrest, division, evil, mischief, and betrayal and May the Almighty Allah (swt) let our nation remain forever.


Prof. Dr. Ali ERBAŞ

President of Religious Affairs