Friday, July 22, 2022

The news and posts by some media channels in recent days in which the Presidency is accused of serving the spread of Salafi-Wahhabi movements of thought in our country are far from reflecting reality and are extremely disturbing and sad.

Presidency of Religious Affairs which is an institution that as a principle has adopted an understanding of authentic religion in line with ‘the Holy Qur’an’ and ‘Sunnah al-Saniyyah’, is in an endeavor to operate the religious education and guidance services without compromising this line, and has clear principles and well-known stance. This deep-rooted institution continues its efforts to create a solid religious and moral ground that feeds on the primary sources of Islam for today's people and our future generations with the exceptional heritage it has received from our tradition of knowledge. The Presidency operates religious services in a responsible and consistent manner in every field it provides service, especially in our mosques and Qur'an courses.

It is well-known that there are publications and high-level statements of the Presidency opposing the understaing that feed on artificial, fragmented, factional approaches that accuse others of being an apostate and ignore the fact that Islam is the religion of mercy. It is the indispensable duty of the Presidency of Religious Affairs to guide a simple and mild religious life away from extremism and raise awareness of our society by acting vigilantly against all kinds of religious abuse and fire of unrest. It should be the duty of all Muslims to avoid these kinds of discourses to harm the unity of our nation and the integrity of our ummah while the wounds caused by the division and factious lies have grown so much in the Islamic world.

Respectfully announced to the public.

Presidency of Religious Affairs

Office of Press and Public Relations Counsellor