Message from the President of Religious Affairs Erbaş on the occasion of Lailat-al-Ragaib

Message from the President of Religious Affairs Erbaş on the occasion of Lailat-al-Ragaib

Monday, January 30, 2023

President of Religious Affairs Erbaş used the following expressions in the message that he shared on the occasion of Lailat-Al-Ragaib:

This night is the Lailat-Al-Ragaib which is the holy Herald of the beginning of holy three month that is the climate of mercy, blessing and forgiveness. Endless praise be to the Almighty Allah (swt) who blesses us by reaching us to the three months and the Lailat-Al-Ragaib once again.

Holy days and nights are precious times to realize our purpose of existence, to review our servitude, and to be able to account for our human relationships and our lives. In this respect, the Lailat-Al-Ragaib is extremely important to turn to the Almighty Allah (swt) in an age when spiritual crises surround humanity, to take refuge in His forgiveness and mercy, to purify our sins, to rebuild our worn-out world and to give direction to the rest of our lives. Our primary duty tonight is to open our hands and hearts and renew our perseverance to become better servants, more sensitive Muslims.

Today, unfortunately, we are living through an age in which violence, war and injustice are widespread, the evils that make life unliveable have become ordinary, and hatred, anger and sedition are encouraged.  At a time when people need feelings such as compassion, affection, and fraternity, it is the duty of us to bring our hearts together in love, compassion, and hope for a more peaceful and secure life and a more beautiful and prosperous future by holding fast to warning of our Beloved Prophet (saw) "O, servants of Allah, be brothers".

In this context, let us make the Lailat-Al-Ragaib and the blessed times that we are getting through an occasion for the love and brotherhood between us to become stronger. Let us make it the milestone of a beautiful life and an honourable stance in every aspect. Let us reconsider our relationship with our Book, our sensitivity to the Almighty Allah’ (swt) commands and prohibitions, namely halal and haram. Starting from our family and relatives, let us contemplate our responsibilities to our nation, our state, the environment, nature and all the beings with whom we share life. Let us equip ourselves with the awareness that it is a faithful, moral, and human obligation for all of us to work for the restoration of lost human values and to leave a better world to future generations. Let us bless our lives by competing in piety and benevolence with the realization that peace and happiness are not in things that are temporary, but in the permanent good deeds that the Almighty Allah (swt) demands from us. Let us endeavour to enlighten our lives with the light of faith, knowledge, wisdom, and truth, and to multiply our good deeds that will make us smile in the eternal world.

With these feelings and thoughts, I would like to congratulate Lailat-Al-Ragaib of our dear nation and the Islamic world; May the Almighty Allah (swt) make this night an occasion for unity, peace, salvation and tranquillity for our nation and the Islamic world.”


Prof. Dr. Ali Erbaş

President of Religious Affairs