The Month of Ramadan Message from Presidency of Religious Affairs

The Month of Ramadan Message from Presidency of Religious Affairs

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

“May the endless praise be to the Almighty Allah (swt) who reaches us once again to the month of Ramadan that is a climate of mercy, blessing and forgiveness. This year, we welcome the month of Ramadan with sorrow. Our country has been struck by great disasters. We have lost tens of thousands of our brothers and sisters, our cities have been turned into rubble, our citizens have become homeless. We have experienced indescribable suffering. For this reason, this year's month of Ramadan has particular importance. Because the month of Ramadan is a month in which we will find a remedy for our troubles and difficulties become easier. It is a spring season in which goodness multiplies, our soul and heart world find relief, our brotherhood is strengthened, and our hopes are renewed.

Ramadan is a month of cooperation, sharing and solidarity as well as a month of the Qur’an and worship. This holy month, in which our hearts are beautified with the breezes of divine mercy and abundance through worships such as fasting, iftar, sahur, muqabala, and tarawih prayer, is also an opportunity offered to us to strengthen our awareness of solidarity with our infaq, kindness, zakat, sadaqah al-fitr and fidyah and to reinforce our feelings of brotherhood. With such a belief and understanding, we have determined the theme of this year's Ramadan as "Ramadan and Solidarity". During the month of Ramadan, we will carry out activities that will make our solidarity consciousness stronger.

According to our belief, man's main purpose on earth is to sincerely connect to the Lord of the Worlds (swt) and to do good deeds. The Almighty Allah (swt), who says in the Holy Qur'an, "The believers are but brothers," commands us to hold fast to the rope of Allah (swt) together and to be in cooperation in goodness and piety. Our beloved Prophet (saw) always leads us to solidarity and cooperation by saying, “Allah will help His slave so long as His slave helps his brother.” Solidarity, which is an important and indispensable principle in terms of ensuring the continuation of social life in the form of unity and solidarity, peace, and security, is the hallmark of the Islamic ummah. Muslims see solidarity, cooperation and sharing as a necessity of faith in Allah (swt), loyalty to our Beloved Prophet (saw) and loyalty to faith.”

For this reason, cooperation and solidarity in goodness have been the character of our dear nation that values the belief in cooperation and solidarity in goodness above everything else. The consciousness of solidarity, which includes concepts such as altruism, kindness, beneficence, generosity and selflessness, has transformed our civilization into a foundation civilization that works for the good of humanity and even all living things. Our glorious history our history is full of peak examples that universal values and moral principles of Islam came to life.

This fact imposes us the responsibility of reviving the month of Ramadan and the values that come to the fore with it in the best manner. We must ensure that especially young people and children experience the spiritual atmosphere of Ramadan to the fullest, feel the blessings of sahur, the pleasure of fasting and the joy of iftar, and breathe the climate of peace of our mosques in prayers, tarawihs prayers and recitations. We must include them in the abundance of sharing, cooperation and solidarity. We must make them witness the beauty of the worship performed together, the joy of experiencing the same excitement, the peace of meeting in the same emotions. At this point, everyone has important responsibilities, especially family elders, to encourage and support them so that they can collect good memories of Ramadan in their minds and hearts.

On the other hand, our nation prefers to give its zakat more in the month of Ramadan in order to benefit more from its abundance and virtue. Within this context, the needs of our brothers and sisters who are victims of disasters and especially whether zakat can be given for the construction of permanent dwellings are frequently asked by our people.

High Board of Religious Affairs made a statement on February 8, 2023, on 'giving zakat to earthquake victims' and it also made a statement on February 15, 2023, on 'building shelters for disaster victims with zakat money'. Therefore, dwellings can be constructed for disaster victims who need shelter due to earthquakes, floods and similar reasons and who are suitable for receiving zakat with zakat money and these Dwellings can be delivered to them as property. It is appropriate to give zakat to the special zakat accounts opened by AFAD, which is authorized and responsible for organizing the aid provided to meet the needs of earthquake victims, for the construction of permanent dwelling to earthquake victims who are suitable for receiving zakat within the framework of the statements previously published by our Board

Furthermore, zakat can be given to the earthquake victims for the provision of food and basic need.

On the other hand, the responsibility for solidarity and cooperation is not only about zakat. It is a requirement of our faith to reach those in need of help with infaq and donations other than zakat and to heal their wounds according to our religion.

We wish that the worships we will perform in the Ramadan-I Sharif when the divine mercy pours down on the earth will bring peace to our souls, grace to our hearts, and discernment to our hearts and minds. May the Almighty Allah (swt) make this holy season an occasion for peace and safety of our families, country, Islamic world and all humanity.”